Thomas D. Mathieu

Thomas D. Mathieu

Hello! Thank you for stopping by. It is good to have you here. My name is Mathieu, an entrepreneur, author, internet marketer, fitness and health enthusiast, dog lover, book lover, music lover, and an avid world traveler. More than anything, I love making a difference in other people’s lives irrespective of whatever it is I am doing. My desire to see a positive transformation in other people’s lives is fueled by the fact that I was once there; I needed help but somehow never got enough of it from those around me. Instead, I found help from people I’ve never met personally. From the help I got from others, I committed myself to do the same to others as well. I don’t want other people trying to find their big break having to go through all the struggles that I faced in my journey to finding my breakthrough. That’s why I am passionate about helping people, whether we ever meet in person or not. To help you to understand me better, let me give you a sneak peek into my story so you appreciate why my story is so important to you. ** My Story ** As I was growing up, I struggled a lot. In fact, I have been through circumstances that I would never wish anyone to go through. For instance, at age 13, I became very sick to a point where I could easily have died especially owing to the fact that, as I was from a poor family, finding proper treatment was a difficult venture. The struggle that I saw my mother go through during those years when I was sick was one that sometimes made me think I would rather be dead than see her struggle so much with my treatment. I suffered for many years and for the most part of my young life, I was living on $5 or less per day. Besides my sickness, I had problems interacting with others because I was extremely shy as well as mentally and physically weak. I resented the person that I was because to me, I was a good for nothing burden to my loved ones and everyone around me. Even when I did all kinds of businesses even before my teenage years to help my mother who was sacrificing everything just to raise her large family, I still felt inadequate and a bother. My life was filled with pain. The truth is, there is a lot more to my story but I prefer to keep it at that. One thing that somewhat gave me hope is the strong belief that when I grow up, I would be a different person; that I would be the exit door from poverty for my mother and siblings and that I would no longer be the shy and angry person that I was when I was growing up. I always felt I could become more. I always felt deep down that things would change for me. So I didn't give up but rather fought hard. I didn’t know how to go about it but one day, in school, in one of the guidance and counseling sessions that we used to have in school, the speaker said how we could change our lives for the better by believing it to be possible and taking deliberate actions towards making that happen. One thing he recommended was that we read many personal development books. That thing kept ringing in my ears for years and I got one of my first books “Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence” by the Ben Carson. Everything I learned from the book changed very many things about my perception about success. It validated my belief that I could become anything I ever wanted if I put the work. After reading the book, my appetite for reading personal development books grew significantly and I read anything I could get my hands on. I have read books and watch many videos by celebrated authors like Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill, Robin Sharma, Thomas Stanley, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Eric Thomas, Brian Tracy, etc. I did not want to be a loser and live a life of regret so I consumed as much as I could and never stopped even to-date. Through these investments, I was able to complete college even with serious health challenges. After college, I worked for people, created businesses that provided me with extra income, did multiple jobs and did many things that many people do. I have also failed many times and succeeded too, just like everyone else. However, I cannot hide the fact that I am far from the person I was many years back and that's something I am truly grateful for. Even when I fail, I get back up thanks to what I have been learning over the years. And when people ask me what the secret is to my success, I tell it all, as I want to teach everything I have learned throughout the years, as I went through hardships and turned things around in ways many people wouldn’t. I am now writing books as a way to help others in their life. My book is a way to pay it forward. It is my desire that any person, who reads my book, experiences a positive change in his/her life and achieves his/her heart’s desire. Even if it is just one person that improves his/her life from reading my book, I will be more than happy. Today I am into real estate, network marketing, web development etc. My advice to fellow entrepreneurs is to have the following character traits: 1. Self-discipline ~ Manage your time effectively. Set priorities in your life and commit. 2. Integrity ~ Do what you say you're going to do. Be honest with yourself. 3. Persistence ~ DO NOT GIVE UP. Thomas Edison tried 10,000 times before he successfully created the first iteration of the modern day bulb on the 10,001 try. If he had given up on the 10,000 try, perhaps he would not have been the one to create something used by so many people in the world. Resolve right now to purge giving up from your mindset. 4. A Sense of direction ~ Know where you are going. Have a clear vision, mission, and purpose and communicate this to your team. Create a business plan and its implementation plan. Set clear objectives and targets for yourself as a business proprietor and for your business in general. 5. Action and Decisiveness ~ Be ingenious, resourceful, and alert so that you can quickly detect opportunities that exist in the environment and take advantage of them just as fast. Action is the foundation stone to all success. TAKE CONSISTENT ACTION. 6. Health is Wealth ~ Take care of your health. Your health is wealth. You won't truly appreciate this until you fall sick. If you are sick, you would not have the energy to create the business you are trying to build. What's the point of having financial abundance and spending it all in the hospital? To improve your financial status: 1. Be an entrepreneur. Own your own business. 2. Understand how to use debt. 3. Develop high emotional intelligence. 4. Understand tax laws. 5. Be a real estate investor. 6. Be a commodities investor. 7. Dedicate time to financial education and put what you learn to work. 8. Develop strong communication and people skill. 9. Set high standard for legal, ethical, and moral character and practices. 10. Build a team of advisors, accountants, attorneys and other entrepreneurs. 11. Diversify your sources of income. Remember: YOU WERE NOT BORN TO SUFFER AND YOU ARE NOT A LOSER! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for inspirational, motivational and business related themes and messages. As an entrepreneur, one of the best things you can do is to surround yourself with other entrepreneurs and like-minded people. Having such people around can motivate you to keep going even when things are tough. Instagram: OR @thomaspreneur Facebook: Twitter: OR @ThomasM71309719 Tumblr:
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