Uncanny Ink

6 books in series
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Bad Thoughts Summary

Tough as nails and sharp as barbed wire, Erin Banks has seen it all and kicked most of it in the teeth. Surely there can’t be anything left in the Uncanny Kingdom that scares her?

The magical tattoos etched into Erin’s flesh give her strength, speed, and the ability to survive damage that would kill any normal person. But they come at a price. Wearing them is painful, and the deeper Erin buries herself in her work, the steeper the toll they take on her body and mind.

Her friends tell her to rest, but how can she when the demonic Long Man is dangling another carrot in front of her, another clue to her brother’s disappearance? She’s so close. Erin has no choice but to do as the demon asks, power through the pain, and uncover the truth that’s haunted her all of her life.

Only there’s another problem. A problem beyond the physical toll of her tattoos. When Erin was a child, she used to have nightmares about a monster called Uncle Scritch-Scratch. Just her childhood bogeyman, that’s all, he was never real. Except now she’s started to see him again, in the flesh, and he’s doing everything he can to scare her to death.

Is Uncle Scritch-Scratch a figment of Erin’s fevered imagination? Is his sudden reappearance a consequence of her tattoos, warping not just her body but her mind, or is the bogeyman real after all? More to the point, will Erin survive long enough to find out, or will this be the monster that finally breaks her?

Magic, scares, and acid-tongued snark collide in this thrilling urban fantasy series set in the Uncanny Kingdom. Buried secrets and whiplash twists will keep you riding the edge of your seat. Listen to Bad Thoughts now for a pulse-pounding tale you won’t be able to put down.

©2019 David Bussell & M. V. Stott (P)2020 David Bussell & M. V. Stott
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