The Signs of the Times

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The Signs of the Times, Volume 1 Summary

Seven great chapters that reveal where we are in the last days.

Chapter one - "Seven Principles that Made America Great", by Andy Woods. We hear a lot about "Making America Great Again". So what was it that made America great in the first place? Andy details seven biblical principles on which this country was founded. 

Chapter two - "Seven Cataclysmic Changes Coming", by Russ Miller. Russ details seven future earth-shattering events that come from the sky. Hold onto your hats for this one! 

Chapter three - "UFOs and the Bible", by Billy Crone. Billy shares how the current UFO phenomenon plays into last days biblical prophecies, specifically rapture and the tribulation. Unbelievable! 

Chapter four - "New Evidence That Demands a Verdict", by Josh McDowell. This is Josh’s vintage presentation, based on the rerelease of his classic book on Christian apologetics, Evidence That Demands a Verdict. Josh engages an audience like nobody else on the planet. More importantly, he makes you think! 

Chapter five - "Eyes Wide Open", by Shahram Hadian. Shahram opened a lot of eyes describing what's going on behind the scenes regarding Muslims in America. They might not be in the news, but their agenda continues here in the US. This information is huge! 

Chapter six - "Inside an Abortion Clinic", by Abby Johnson. This is one of the most amazing stories of our day. Abby was a Planned Parenthood director who oversaw some 24,000 abortions. She had bought into the lie that “it’s only a fetus”. But all that changed when Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion, and she discovered the horrifying facts of what really goes on during an abortion. 

Chapter seven - "The U.S. Constitution: How Long Will It Last?", by Andy Woods. Satan’s been hard at work trying to destroy our biblically oriented Constitution. So far, it’s stood the test of time, but will it continue to hold together until the rapture? Andy looks at its past changes and future changes coming!

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