Southern Boys

4 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 37 ratings

The Southern Boys Trilogy Summary

All the Southern Boys—together....

Truth & Betrayal

All the light went out of Jake’s life when his older brother Caleb died in a traffic accident. Getting through the aftermath was always going to be the hardest thing he’d ever done, but finding out that the tall stranger at the graveside was the one driving the car? At least Jake now has a target for all the rage inside him. Because the man responsible for stealing Caleb’s light from the world has no right to intrude on their grief.

When Jake turns up at Caleb’s apartment to collect his brother’s possessions, what he discovers is the first shock in what is to be a series of revelations, turning Jake’s world upside down. New knowledge brings fresh pain and anguish.

Jake isn’t the only one who’s hurting....

Pride & Protection

What happens when an out-and-proud bear moves to a small Tennessee town, and takes a shine to the closeted cop?

Fireworks, that’s what.

When Officer Taylor Cox walks into his shop, Del thinks Christmas has come early. An earlier encounter with the younger man left Del with a growing desire to know more about him. There’s only one problem—Taylor is in the closet, and there’s no way Del is going back into his.

When Taylor lays eyes on the sexy bear who owns the bike shop, he knows he’s walking into trouble. But as time goes by, Taylor realizes how badly he is torn between protecting the persona he’s created, and giving in to his desires. And Del making it obvious that he wants Taylor isn’t helping matters.

Something has to give. Problem is, it might be their hearts.

Desire & Denial

Jon has yearned for a man’s touch for as long as he can remember. Now two younger men are about to bring his fantasies to life.

Jon Walters is a mess. He’s 38. His roommates are 18 and 20. It’s never gonna work. But Lord, he wants it to. He’s spent years hiding his sexuality. Denying his desires. Hiding the truth from his brother Del, who is the only family Jon has left. Del is going to be hurt. Angry.

And then there’s Chaz and Kendis. Wasn’t falling for one guy enough of a challenge? I had to fall for both of them? And what the hell do they see in meBecause they’re not making it easy for him to say no.

Whichever way he looks at it, Jon’s life just went way beyond "It’s Complicated"....

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