Sheriff Shifters Daddies Instalove Romance Series

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Sheriff Shifters Daddies Instalove Romance Series Collection: Books 1-3 Summary

Lion Daddy's Pretty Little Criminal:

He was her hope for a new life. She was the only one he could ever let know who and what he really was.


It didn’t make any sense for me to find him attractive.
How can I be hot for a Sheriff who locked me up?
I’m not just hot, though. I want more than just to sleep with him.
I want to change, to be different.
A life of crime doesn’t appeal to me anymore at all.
And the sheriff wants me.
I can’t believe he wants me!
He’s a real-life Daddy.
And I’m his little girl.
I want it to last forever.

This girl is perfect.
She’s beautiful.
She’s smart.
She’s also perpetually in trouble.
I wanted to change all that.
I didn’t expect to fall in love.
But she’s just not a little girl.
She’s my forever little girl.
At least she will be if I tell her the truth.
But will she want me if she finds out?

Can Lawrence trust Amber with the truth about who and what he is? Can Amber accept the idea of a shifter as a Daddy? This little girl and her mountain lion man are going to have a rocky road to happily ever after. Can they make it?

Wild Lynx Daddy's Sexy Little Hustler:

He was the man who ever inspired her to want to become a better person. She was his chance for happiness in a brand new place.


God, that man is sexy.
I started out thinking it would be fun.
And then I wanted more.
That’s not me. I can’t have a relationship with the sheriff.
A few rolls in the hay, fine.
But not more!
I don’t care how sexy he is. How can I have a relationship with the law?
After all, how I make my money doesn’t fit with the law’s idea of what’s okay.
And nobody knows that right now.
God, why aren’t I stopping this?
Why am I calling him Daddy?
Why am I risking everything?
For Hal, the best man I’ve ever known.


Serena is beautiful.
She’s smart as hell.
She’s sweet and she’s playful.
Everything I want in a little girl.
She wants me to be her Daddy.
She wants me to help her.
She’s perfect.
But she has a secret.
I don’t know what it is yet.
All I can do is hope our relationship can survive it.

She has a secret. He can tell. He can wait for her to tell him, though. After all, he has his own secret and he can’t imagine hers is any more surprising than his. Their secrets might keep happily ever after something they can never have. Is there any hope?

Daring Eagle Daddy's Precious Little Princess:

He was her chance to escape her past for good. She was the first person who ever made him think about how lonely it can be to be alone.


Drake is perfect!
He’s sexy and he’s charming.
He’s so damned strong and he walks like royalty!
He’s mysterious, too. There is something behind his eyes I just can’t figure out.
He’s everything I ever wanted.
He’s the sheriff around here and even though I won’t admit it, I’m in this town because he is.
I want him.

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