Secret Pack

4 books in series
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Secret Pack: The Complete Trilogy Summary

I'm trapped with an alpha, and my heat is coming on.

In a world where omegas have no rights, I've managed to carve out a respectable life in the glittering world of beta politics despite the odds. I thought maybe I could do some good here—make things better for our people. But now, after years of hiding my omega status with a toxic cocktail of black market heat blockers and pheromone suppressors, my time is finally up. 

When my fellow omega-in-hiding and I are kidnapped by terrorists a week before my heat is due, our only hope lies with the misfit pack of subjugated alphas assigned as our security detail. Jax, Alex, and Flynn are as much slaves to the beta ruling class as we are—but they value omegas the way we're meant to be valued. They'll do whatever it takes to rescue us—though it still may be too late to protect my deadly secret. 

If I give into the temptation they represent, my fragile house of cards will come tumbling down. And if I fall that far, will they be able to catch me?

Either way, my life as I knew it is over.

Secret Pack is a "why choose" classic non-shifter omegaverse trilogy. The series contains NO non-con or dub-con. Happily ever after guaranteed. What happens between now and then…not guaranteed. ;)

This collection contains the following books:

  • Hide or Die
  • Fight or Fly
  • Truth or Lie
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