Rutledge Historical Society Cozy Mystery

6 books in series
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Rutledge Historical Society Cozy Mystery - Books 1-4 Summary

This is a boxed set from the Rutledge Historical Society Cozy Mystery series. It includes the first four books: Message for Murder, Death over Divorce, Kousins Kan't Kill, and Rogues to Riches.

Message for Murder

Lorry Lockharte’s first day on her new job brings her a big surprise: a dead body. Two sisters dead in a week’s time - one murder, one accident. Lorry thinks the so-called accident seems a little too convenient. Is it really an accident as everybody believes? Sassy and irreverent, Lorry plans to prove otherwise and solve the murder. (Includes one recipe!).

Death over Divorce

When a dead man falls out of Lorry’s new car right in front of the sheriff, it doesn’t look good. Still, being hauled into the sheriff’s station wasn’t what Lorry expected. After a lawyer comes out of nowhere to get her released, Lorry struggles to prove her innocence and find the real killer.

Kousins Kan't Kill

When Lorry Lockharte’s cousin, Kasey, is accused of murder, Lorry feels like once again she must work to find the murderer. Did Kasey do it, or is she truly innocent as she claims? Lorry isn’t so sure about this one. Not only did Kasey have the opportunity and the motive, but she picked up the murder weapon. Will Lorry find the murderer only to discover that it really is Kasey?

Rogues to Riches

A large group of people enters the Rutledge Historical Society to see the new and much anticipated 1950s murder exhibit. After viewing the display, the group exits the building leaving two people behind. A few minutes later, one of the two is shot dead in front of the exhibit and the other one rushes out the back door and escapes. Was the perpetrator one of the group or was it the old woman’s daughter who has only a very weak (and stinky) alibi? Or could it have been someone else? Lorry, convinced the new murder is connected to the old one, decides to look into the past to find the culprit. But with a wedding to plan, who has time to find a murderer? Sassy, irreverent Lorry Lockharte, that’s who. (Includes two recipes!).

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