Overworld Chronicles

24 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 255 ratings

Overworld Chronicles Box Set: Books 1-3 Summary

Hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Lightning-paced supernatural action. Readers describe it as "the most original supernatural series in ages".

Meet Justin Case.

Atlanta is ground zero for a supernatural invasion. Enter Justin Case, a snarky nerd with all the sex appeal and heroic potential of a potato. That is until he comes into his demonic powers and finds out everybody hates demon spawn. The problem? He might be the last hope for uniting the Overworld and saving us all.

Sweet Blood of Mine

The origin story that started it all. Justin finds out there's a lot more to life than live-action role playing and a pursuit of nerdly adventures. Vampires, felycans, lycans, sorcerers, and Templars all exist. The problem is, Justin isn't one of them. He's something else. Something terrible. And the girl he falls in love with may be sworn to kill him.

Dark Light of Mine

Hellhounds and demon spawn are out for blood. Justin's father is marked for death.

Justin and Elyssa have to track down the mysterious person behind it all before it's too late.

Fallen Angel of Mine

During an escape from the gray men, Justin and Elyssa are stranded in Thunder Rock with a notorious Daemas, Kassallandra. They find a way out, but Justin is separated, thrown through a broken Obsidian Arch, and ends up in Colombia where he'll face his greatest challenge yet.

Meanwhile, Elyssa is captured by her father. He hates Daemos and hates Justin and wants to put her through a ritual that will erase all memories of Justin.

Death can't stop true love, but a mind wipe probably will.

The Overworld Chronicles series order:

  1. Sweet Blood of Mine
  2. Dark Light of Mine
  3. Fallen Angel of Mine
  4. Dread Nemesis of Mine
  5. Twisted Sister of Mine
  6. Dearest Mother of Mine
  7. Infernal Father of Mine
  8. Sinister Seraphim of Mine
  9. Wicked War of Mine
  10. Dire Destiny of Ours
  11. Aetherial Annihilation
  12. Baleful Betrayal
  13. Ominous Odyssey
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