Anderson Special Ops

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The Andersons Special Ops Bundled Summary

When does a man have enough? When his wife is viciously attacked. What comes next? Well, if the woman attacked is Katherine Anderson, beloved wife of Magnet Joseph Anderson, what comes next is a nightmare for anyone foolish enough to harm the single most important person in his world.

Joseph Anderson is the patriarch of the world-famous Anderson Empire who believes in family above all else. There’s nothing he hasn’t accomplished, and now he has a new mission — to take down the scum of Seattle. And he’s doing this by funding an elite special ops team no one will see coming, but everyone will feel the impact from. As Katherine’s life hangs in the balance, Joseph uncovers a world he didn’t want to believe existed.

New York Times Best Selling Author Melody Anne embarks on a brand new series packed with strong men and feisty women who are in a battle for more than just love. She’s collaborating with brand new author, John Henley, a military veteran who’s served and worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the military’s most elite and finest warriors, in some of the world’s most austere locations. Together they’ve built a storyline that will whet your appetite for danger, passion, romance and suspense.

Shadows, Book One, opens with Jon Eisenhart, aka, Eyes, and Carl Schwartz, aka, Sleep, on a mission that goes all wrong and will forever change their lives. When they make it out, they’re eventually invited onto a new team, where they come together with Tyrell Rice, aka, Smoke, Steve Bregon, aka, Brackish, and Hendrick Meeks, aka, Green. All five men are former Special Forces who know how to work hard and play harder. Unbeknownst to all of them is it might not be just their lives on the line — it might be their hearts as well, and these fierce warriors might just feel their feet knocked out from beneath them without ever seeing it coming.

Book two features Steve Bregon, aka, Brackish, coming in front and center as he does his best to avoid Erin Savage, the waitress he met in book one, who just so happens to be the niece of a big player in the drug world his team is trying to destroy.

Hendrick Meeks is in trouble — big trouble. There are two women in his life that want a piece of him, and he doesn’t know which way to turn. Hendrick’s has always been the youngest man at any stage of his career. He was a sniper for the US Navy SEAL’s and knows how to nail his target.

Tyrell Rice, known is on a mission. Number one is to break down the walls of a drug cartel circle that’s been affecting those he cares about for far too long. His number two mission, not to succumb to the marriage flu that’s been infecting the men around him. Smoke is former military, and a former NFL superstar. He loves life, women, and running missions. He always has a smile on his face, and true to his name, though he’s anything but small, he can disappear in a puff of smoke.

Jon Eisenhart (Eyes) is the team leader of the Special Ops team formed to stamp out drugs in Seattle. In this riveting final, we see the first four books come to an exciting end where the streets, neighborhoods, and families are freed from the seedy world of violence and drugs.

During the final book the culmination of the series Eyes gets in deeper than he thought with a battle he never imagined he'd have to fight — and definitely not when it comes to the arena of love. Will he be able to focus on the mission at hand while this breath taking woman is now front and center in his life?

Follow Eyes, Sleep, Brackish, Smoke and Green on the last steps of this journey — showing what a team of true alpha males can accomplish when their focus is on the same goal and have all the resources they ever want.

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