Altered Realms

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Altered Realms Summary

Some people dream of getting a second chance at life. For Eli Miller, it was never a choice.

Most of Eli’s life has been spent running, doing everything in his power to protect his family. His world is plagued by war, wild magic, and unimaginable monsters. But none of these threats are more dangerous than the immortal beings known as Adventurers. They are players and Entarra is their game. Its citizens aren’t real. Yet, to the billions of near-sentient AI that live there, the game world is the only one they will ever know. It is where they are born, live, and die. Eli is no different. 

After being attacked with a strange weapon, Eli awakens as the thing he fears most: an adventurer. Struggling to cope with his new reality, he finds himself in the middle of the most nefarious plot of all: His world, and everything he loves, is about to be deleted.

An Epic LitRPG Saga for people who love Log Horizon, Ready Player One, and The Matrix.

Altered Realms: Ascension is a new LitRPG fantasy series from B.F. Rockriver. Set in the world of Entarra Online, a virtual-reality massive multiplayer online role-playing game, Eli Miller struggles to transition from his life as an NPC to that of a player. Follow him as and his companions as they learn how to play the game, meet new players, and try to save both Entarra and the real world behind it. 

Contains scenes of graphic violence, mental health issues, and PTSD.

Includes: city building, gamelit, LitRPG, and minor cultivation elements.  

No harem or romantic elements.

©2020 Branden Rockriver (P)2020 Branden Rockriver
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