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  • Welcome to parenting pioneers, a podcast where we journey through the vibrant communities of urban life, discovering the challenges and opportunities that await today’s working parents. In a world that’s changing faster than ever, how do we raise resilient, curious, and empowered kids? Whether you’re navigating the digital playground, seeking local adventures, or striving for that ever-elusive work-life harmony, we’re here to guide, inspire, and connect. I’m your host, David Watkins, and together, we’ll explore stories, strategies, and talk with experts that empower us to thrive in the parenting landscape. So, parents, pioneers, let’s find our way!
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  • Beyond the Classroom: Learning Life Skills Through Volunteer Work
    Apr 5 2024

    In this episode of Parenting Pioneers, we sit down with Ethan Gabriel, Youth Programs Coordinator at Activate Good, and Amy Gardinier, Founder of Givefinity, to delve into the transformative power of youth volunteerism. Our guests share inspiring stories and insights on how volunteering shapes young minds, fosters a sense of community, and builds essential life skills. The conversation also explores the challenges and opportunities in engaging today's youth in meaningful volunteer work, highlighting innovative approaches to make a difference.

    Key themes discussed include:

    • The impact of volunteerism on youth development and mental health.
    • Strategies for parents to encourage and support their children's volunteer efforts.
    • The evolving landscape of volunteerism among Gen Z and Millennials.

    Resources mentioned:

    • Activate Good
    • Givefinity
    • Junior Achievement of Arizona

    Dive into this episode to discover how volunteering can be a catalyst for growth and change in young lives. Don't forget to subscribe, share, and follow Parenting Pioneers for more insights and stories that empower and inspire parents navigating the journey of raising the next generation.

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    43 mins
  • Beyond the Game: Education and Life Skills Through Esports
    Mar 4 2024

    In this episode of Parenting Pioneers, host David Watkins interviews Caleb Smith, Owner of North Carolina eSports Academy. The discussion revolves around Caleb's transition from a professional athlete to founding an esports academy, focusing on the educational aspects of gaming and esports for youth.

    Key themes include the evolution of North Carolina Esports Academy, its approach to integrating education with gaming, and the impact of awards and recognition on the academy. Caleb emphasizes the importance of soft skills, teamwork, and problem-solving in esports, and how these skills are vital for youth development. The podcast also addresses common misconceptions about gaming, highlighting the social and educational benefits of esports.

    Listen to this insightful episode to understand how esports can be a powerful tool for education and personal growth. Don't forget to subscribe, share, and follow the Parenting Pioneers Podcast for more engaging content!

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    37 mins
  • Unlocking the Magic of Beeloo For Busy Parents and Curious Kids
    Feb 8 2024

    In this episode of Parenting Pioneers, host David Watkins sits down with Derek Pando, the founder of Beeloo. Derek shares his inspiration for creating Beeloo, a marketplace offering tens of thousands of printable activities for kids. The idea was born from Derek's desire to provide his children with non-screen time activities. Beeloo uses AI and talented designers to create a wide range of pintables, from coloring pages to mazes and educational worksheets. Derek emphasizes the importance of balancing screen time with offline activities and discusses the future of children's education in a tech-dominated world.

    Resources Discussed:

    • Beeloo
    • Brick-it App

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    32 mins

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