Gods of Atlantos Saga

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Poseidon in Love Summary

The Gods of Atlantos Saga is an epic telling of the first advanced civilization on Erthe, born in love, only to annihilate itself through greed, corruption, and its obsession with technology. The apocalyptic destruction of the lost continent is a myth known to everyone. But it is not a myth. Learn the origins story, the forbidden history, follow the lives and loves of the gods that are not really gods at all.   

On primeval sister-planets, two magnificent civilizations hurtle toward their cataclysmic destinies. Two rival brothers govern them. They possess ultra- advanced technology and all-too-human passions. 

First contact 12,000 years in the past changes everything we know about our species.

Level-headed Terresian explorer and scientist Poseidon RA commands an expedition to Erthe where a routine genetic protocol on the indigenous population has unexpectedly triggered a staggering leap in human evolution. He quickly realizes that he's traveled 940 million miles across the solar system only to fall in love with a planet...and its exceptionally advanced native daughter and mushroom shaman, Cleatah of The Shore People. 

Sensualist and badboy Athens RA has been tasked with governing the mining colony of Mars—a life-sustaining mission crucial to the survival of the home world. The drilling spawns riches beyond imagining, and enemies that are the stuff of nightmares. 

One brother founds a magnificent civilization and discovers a love that will change the course of history. The other will spend his life besieged by monsters, madness and death.  

©2022 Robin Maxwell (P)2022 Robin Maxwell
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